torsdag 8 december 2011

E-books, Users, Reading promotion - the SPLQ chronicles

In the beginning of this year, which soon now has to defend its place in history, I was asked by the Swedish Council of Cultural Affairs to provide three short chronicles to Nordic journal Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly. I was happy and intrigued to be asked as SPLQ for many years has been a cutting edge library journal - also by international standards. The task gave me a good opportunity to think and write in a very free form, far from the constraints of traditional scholarly writings, something which I found very refreshing. The three short texts became reflections on some current issues in librarianship and together they form, for me at least, some kind of unity. Looking at public librarianship it is clear that many of the current trends stems from the same social and technological delevopments - even to the point where individual technical services are taken for general social development. As they thus may be read together, I decided to gather them here - enjoy:

SPLQ chronicles

Soon these texts will also be published in their Swedish original forms in another very exciting context - something I will have reason to return to here in just a short while.

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