torsdag 27 februari 2014

Interview in El País Cultural now published

During my visit to Uruguay in october last year, I was interviewed by El País, the biggest daily in the country. This inteview has now been printed in El País Cultural, a monthly supplement to the paper. The discussion concerns the general role of public libraries in society, a discussion which was interesting to be a part in, as conditions in Uruguay differ so much from the ones in Sweden - and still so many problems proved to be alike. A curiosity in this interviewed is that I was also asked about the three collections of poetry I published in the 1990's. For some reason they were subject of much interest in Uruguay - most likely because noone had actually read them.  The interview is of course in Spanish, but for those of you who master this language, here is the
online version. Enjoy:

fredag 7 februari 2014

Talk given at National Conference on New Roles of Research Libraries.

I don’t do as many talks in the library sector as I used to a couple of years ago. Yesterday, however, an event occurred that I was happy to be a part of. I had been invited to talk about the research on academic libraries that I have been doing for the last three years , at a one-day conference in Stockholm on the new roles of academic libraries. It was arranged by the Swedish Library Association, The Swedish National Library and Södertörn University Library. I am glad that I accepted the invitation. The day was filled with interesting talks and discussions, and it is clear that academic libraries of today present a variety of interesting problems both for the libraries themselves, and for academic research. Much focus was put on open access, European and Swedish research policy, but also on practical experiences in academic libraries across the country.

My talk was on the work of academic librarians with researchers’ publication strategies. I did broaden the scope though, placing this issue within the context of New Public Management development in the Swedish university sector, and the practices of bibliometric analysis as a part of that development.

The talk (in Swedish) was filmed and you can see it through this vimeo-link - enjoy: